July 2021

Wildfire Threats

by Sherryl L. Parks

Wildfires of a size normally seen in the heat of summer have already occurred in California. Experts are concerned that this summer’s wildfires will be severe and


Editorial: Mega Droughts

We in San Diego County are one of the fortunate California counties to have a water reserve. Of the 57 others, 41 are living with water restrictions due to the


Commentary: Privilege

by Bud Emerson

COMMUNITY PLAN: Inspire a more diverse, sustainable, and balanced community preserve … the opportunity for people of all economic and social backgrounds to share in a liveable Del


Library Art Fix

by Julie Maxey-Allison

In 2002 Pat Welsh, our talented local author-artist-gardener originated the vision of a 92-foot long multi media mural on the wall fronting the library. Pat worked with graphic


Roving Teen Reporter: Writer Rotation

by Jasmine Criqui

With her top-notch writing skills, passion for all things politics, and attentiveness to her community, Neha Pubbi was the perfect fit to take over the position of roving


Kid Vax Progress

by Don Mosier, MD, PhD

The Phase 1 trial of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine in young children began in March with 144 participants at four sites across the country. These children


Monarchs MIA

by Julie Maxey-Allison

Maybe we can help.

The subject: Monarch butterflies, specifically our Western Monarchs.

The problem: the numbers of these vibrant orange Western Monarchs are down, way, way down, according to various


Electric Switch

by Don Mosier

Most Del Mar residential customers were successfully transitioned to electric energy supplied by the Clean Energy Authority (CEA) in May. Net energy metering customers and larger commercial entities


Takeout Solutions

by Valérie Dufort-Roy

M’Porte is spreading its wings of sustainability over the Pacific Ocean! Many restaurants and groceries in Hawaii, Northern California, and San Diego County are either selling the sturdy,


South of the Border in DM

by Julie Maxey-Allison

Tamarindo, opened in March 2021, offers Latin cuisine with a Mexican accent and an ample choice of agave based spirits along with other drinks. The owners, the Moose


Teaching with Torreys

by Ariel Renner

Last month I wrote about how my vision of Del Mar has always been framed by the Torrey Pine tree. Living back at home this past pandemic year


DMF: So Much to Celebrate

Even though the return of our annual 4th of July Parade has been deferred by the City to next year, that won’t deter our community from celebrating the birth of


Del Mar Community Connections

Moving on! DMCC is gradually reintroducing some of the programs and services that had to be halted during the pandemic period. Wide rates of vaccination and low rates of transmission


In Brief

Out and About It’s time! Del Mar Village businesses are open, ready and set to celebrate Seaside Saturdays, a walk-about event with activities stationed all over our town beginning Saturday,

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