Editorial – Quirk: Habitual Offender

It is truly unfortunate that our City Council had to resort again to the only disciplinary measure available, censuring Member Dan Quirk for the second time in five months. The report by an independent investigator was devastatingly precise and concluded that “Quirk’s self-centered behavior not only poses immediate legal risks but also has the potential to compromise the city’s strategic objectives and erode the public’s trust in its leadership.” Councilmember Martinez said, “If this was a major corporation, someone who committed the acts detailed in this investigation would likely immediately have been dismissed.”  


Roving Teen Reporter: Community College Calling

As the school year winds to an end, many high school seniors are currently weighing their options and deciding what college they’ll attend this fall. But for some, higher education doesn’t look like the traditional four-year plan often recommended to students through their formative years.


Political Scuttlebutt

Three seats on the Del Mar City Council will be selected by voters in November. Currently held by  three incumbents: Dave Druker, Tracy Martinez, and Dan Quirk.   Druker has signaled that three decades of politics is enough. Martinez is expected to run for re-election.


Commentary: Fair Board Constituencies

Without much public involvement, the Fair Board is crafting a new master plan which will guide this public enterprise for years to come. The Fair Board is a rare public entity which has little accountability to the people it serves


Covid Update: Long Covid Cures??

Almost one in eight individuals infected with the COVID virus (SARS CoV-2) develop chronic symptoms that can be debilitating; among these are fatigue, confusion, loss of taste and smell, and others.  This variable constellation of symptoms is called Long COVID. The causes suggested by a


Cuppa Joy

Little Joy, Drew Jeglinski’s Coffee Cart parked in the past outside Zel’s Del Mar at 1247 Camino Del Mar has cartwheeled over to a permanent spot across the street at 1230 Camino Del Mar. The new Little Joy Coffee Bar offers Zumbar coffee fresh from


Cottage Comforts

Slated to open in Fall, 2024, The Cottage restaurant (replacing the Rendezvous at 1555 Camino Del Mar) will offer al fresco dining. Soon construction will begin on an overhanging trellis that will eventually have the additional amenities of outdoor lighting and heaters.


Commentary: Walkable Del Mar

According to our Community Plan and state law, pedestrians have the right of way. Ha! The law is clear but the Community Plan is a little more nuanced—no sidewalks, no street lights, low speed limits, serpentine streets, all envision a pedestrian-oriented, semi-rural, neighbor-friendly, small town


A Wag, a Woof, and a Meow!

In a world often tangled in the web of political affiliations and differing ideologies, let’s pawse for a moment and talk about a force that transcends party lines—our awesome four-legged companions – our dogs and cats. These fluffy diplomats possess an uncanny ability to bring


Yummy Bugs

We all have to eat. Turns out that some plants do too. Stuck in place through their root systems, plants depend on photosynthesis and essential nutrients they draw from the soil. When situated in soils that don’t supply sufficient nutrition for survival some plants evolve


Pump It Up!

Our 14-year-old gas furnace is dying, so we will continue to decarbonize our home with its replacement.  Electric heat pumps are much more efficient than gas furnaces, and another major advantage is that they provide air conditioning as well as heat in the one unit. 


Surf Club Supersizing

“Looking to expand their presence and offerings, Surf Club Sports partnered with HED (Architects) …. to design the new, 48,000 square foot multi-purpose building on a 24-acre site in the heart of San Diego.”   In the heart of San Diego actually means at the


Del Mar Community Connections

AI Q&A How will AI change medicine or education? How can I tell if a photo is AI-generated? Can AI help me to age safely at home? Join DMCC at Town Hall on Friday, May 17 and get your pressing questions about AI answered by


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In Brief

Crest Colander Eclipse

The partial solar eclipse of April 8th viewed through the many holes of a colander. Picture taken at Crest Rim Park at 11:10 am, with the many images of the eclipse projected onto a white sheet of paper. Ann Feeney was the colander holder and Don Mosier took the picture.

Hillstone Rising