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The Sandpiper is published by the Del Mar Community Alliance, a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation. Its purpose is to advocate the Del Mar Community Plan, to foster informed public and government decision-making regarding issues affecting the community of the City of Del Mar, and to encourage a social and political climate favorable to the protection of the community character of the City of Del Mar and its environs.

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The Sandpiper: A Historical Perspective

by John Kerridge (Sandpiper Editor, 1999-2003)


The Sandpiper was created in 1997 because a group of Del Marians became concerned about the fate of our community’s General Plan.


That plan, known locally as the Community Plan, has been spectacularly successful at both preserving the ambience of our village and also enhancing our property values. However, not only has the Plan been under constant pressure from would-be developers, but inevitable changes in Del Mar’s population have resulted in many residents being unaware of the role that the Plan has played in fostering the environment that attracted them here. Furthermore, the local media, heavily subsidized by real-estate and development interests, showed little interest in objective coverage of land-use issues.


It therefore seemed desirable to produce a newspaper that would present the facts pertaining to the issues confronting our community and to interpret those facts within the context of the Community Plan. The first Sandpiper appeared in March 1997 and, with an occasional lapse, has appeared monthly (except for each January and August) since then.


We hope that the Sandpiper, in both its print and online formats, will help Del Marians become more acquainted with our community, how it functions, and how to get involved in carrying out the vision of the Community Plan.