Takeout Solutions

M’Porte is spreading its wings of sustainability over the Pacific Ocean! Many restaurants and groceries in Hawaii, Northern California, and San Diego County are either selling the sturdy, leak-proof reusable metal-containers or using it for takeout. After one and half year of operations, Brian Macdonald, owner and founder of M’Porte, is listening to feedback from local restaurants and diners. He is now modifying the offerings to improve the integration of this sustainable solution. His goal: become a mainstream name for sustainable takeout.


One reality of our small Del Mar town is that space comes at a premium. Hence, Brian is searching for stackable reusable containers to facilitate storage in the small kitchens of our local restaurants. He is also looking into easing customer usage by exploring a subscription program where customers could be offered the M’Porte for their leftovers, versus single-use containers.

Brian Macdonald with M’Porte inventory. Courtesy Brian Macdonald

Among our local restaurants, Viewpoint Brewing Co, Elixir, Americana and two others offer the M’Porte takeout. The containers are also sold at the Seaside Market, in Cardiff. The champion at using the M’Porte containers is the organic eatery GOODONYA, located in Encinitas. Customers ordering takeout meals online can simply click to select the M’Porte, upon completing their online order!


Have you had to ponder if a takeout container is recyclable or not? Below is a recent example from one of our local restaurants.

Quite frankly, I could not figure out if this container was recyclable or not. The mention of “Recyclable only in the few communities that accept poly-lined foodservice packaging” was quite puzzling. Is Del Mar one such community accepting poly-lined foodservice packaging (spoiler alert: this container goes straight to the landfill)? How much effort do we expect customers to put into their recycling habits? Short of getting a PhD in food-grade chemistry packaging and thorough knowledge of our local waste management’s capabilities, a reusable container is a perfect solution! It takes the guessing out of determining whether a takeout container is recyclable or clean enough to make it to the blue bin.


As more and more initiatives blossom around town, WestBrew is kicking it up a notch. Its Ocean Friendly To-Go involves ordering your food, transferring your meal into your own container yourself, and enjoying it at home minutes later. Who said takeout couldn’t be tasty, while non-polluting and uncomplicated?

Bon appétit!