In Brief

Out and About

It’s time! Del Mar Village businesses are open, ready and set to celebrate Seaside Saturdays, a walk-about event with activities stationed all over our town beginning Saturday, July 10. Sponsored by the Del Mar Village Association, on July 10 musicians will play, artists will demonstrate their techniques, restaurants and businesses will offer their goods indoors and out with sidewalk shows—and some discounts for locals. The Second Saturdays will continue through the summer months for you to enjoy being back to your place in Del Mar.


Waste Hauler Contract Renewal

The city is circulating a survey to Del Mar citizens and businesses to help select a waste hauler when the current contract with Waste Management expires in June 2022. The city announcement states: “To inform the solicitation, residents and businesses are asked to complete a brief survey. The survey is available at: Waste removal survey.


For your input to be included as part of the Request for Proposals, please respond by 4:30 p.m. July 23.”


“The $13 million franchise is one of Del Mar’s highest-valued contracts. For a new agreement, advertising for bids is set to begin in August.”


New state laws governing food waste recycling will make the selection of a waste hauler more challenging, with access to an anaerobic digester that turns food waste into methane gas likely be a critical issue.

City Hall Coming Back

In person services at City Hall will partially open beginning July 1st, with more extensive opening scheduled for September 1st. Check the city website for details of what services are available and the times they are open.


Sea Level Rise Plan Withdrawn

At their June 7th meeting, the City Council voted 4-1 (Worden opposed) to withdraw the LCPA submitted to the California Coastal Commission (CCC). The CCC staff had proposed 22 changes to the LCPA approved by Del Mar in 2018, and the majority of the council found these changes to be unacceptable. The CCC requested changes would have required much more detail about city actions triggered by future sea level rise.


Budget Approval

A two year city budget was approved by the City Council in June. Modest increases in revenue are predicted along with allocations of federal COVID funds of $800k and $1 million. Total general fund revenue is budgeted at $18.9 M and total expenditures at $15.4 M for fiscal year 2021-22.


Budgets are reviewed quarterly to determine if adjustments are needed in projected revenue and expenditures.