Electric Switch

Most Del Mar residential customers were successfully transitioned to electric energy supplied by the Clean Energy Authority (CEA) in May. Net energy metering customers and larger commercial entities switched to CEA in June at the request of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) because of concerns about a new billing system they introduced. So far there appear to be no problems, but you should check your next utility bill from SDG&E to make sure that CEA is listed as your electricity provider (unless you are one of 6% of customers who opted out to stay with SDG&E and pay more for dirtier energy).


The CEA Board adopted their fiscal year 2021-22 budget on June 24th, and the revenues projected will yield a $3 million dollar total in their reserve account. The wholesale price of electricity is predicted to increase in the next year, but the good news is that means that SDG&E will also pay more for electricity and the departure charge (PCIA, power charge indifference adjustment) will go down for CEA customers.


More information about the electricity choices available from CEA are listed on their website: thecleanenergyalliance.org.