February 2024

Commentary: Collegiality Crisis

I was elected to serve on the Del Mar City Council for two terms, from 2008 until 2016. During my tenure, I was able to work with my fellow council


Commentary: Off the Rails

The City Council’s censure of Council member Dan Quirk on December 4, 2023 “for failing to provide proper disclosure and transparency in public communications and for inappropriate use of public


Roving Teen Reporter: Student Housing Gap

At the beginning of the year, an Instagram account was created by my school called “TPHS 2024 decisions” highlighting the university choices and other pathways of the school’s seniors. Since


Happy Hours in Del Mar

The horses have left the racetrack; the tourists are gone; holiday festivities are over and college-aged students have packed up their cleanly washed clothes (courtesy of Mom) to head back


STR Carefully

In an impressive display of civic responsibility, the City Council is systematically working its way toward a resolution of one of our most complicated challenges: how and where we will


Dogs of Del Mar

Sometime in 2014, our son Erik found Bellsy at Pug Nation Rescue in Los Angeles. She had spent time at LA County Animal Control and had been returned “Due to


Call the Gleaners

Del Mar’s home garden citrus trees are now weighing heavy with ready-to-pick fruit. Making a donation of this high impact nutrition is as easy as calling Senior Gleaners. Senior Gleaners


Covid Update: New Variant

The JN.1 variant of the COVID virus has spread rapidly since the beginning of December, and is now responsible for over 2 million new infections per day in the U.S.


Who Cares?

Workers in the senior caregiver field face many consequences – physically, emotionally and financially – a workforce essential to Del Mar’s senior and disabled community. In our growing demographic of


Where the Wild Things Are

Just like flags and flowers and birds (California: the bear flag,—not the official name—the California Poppy, the California Quail) each of our united states claims a mythical being. Most are


Del Mar Foundation

The Del Mar Foundation’s new year is off to a fantastic start. Our 2023-24 season of First Thursdays continued in January with a spectacular “California Dreamin’: From Laurel Canyon to


Del Mar Community Connections

Will you be DMCC’s Valentine? The Champagne and Chocolate Open House is an annual event for seniors and those who care about them to come to our headquarters, connect with


With Gratitude

In 2023, the DMCA Board asked the community for their support, with funds used to support the mission, including production and free distribution of the Sandpiper. In response, 113 Del


Penny Abell

“So, what’s so special about Del Mar? Some indefinable mix of climate, architecture, urban woods, lovely beach, flowered medians, pleasant restaurants, and interesting people? Yes, but more. Except for the


In Brief

Starbucks Exit A Starbucks employee confirmed that the downtown store will be closing at the end of May—the rent is going up by $5000—unless… It is not clear unless what,


Rail Realignment

February 19, 2024
Fair Board Pushes Back on Fairgrounds Option, Linking It to Affordable Housing;
Councilmember Proposes Study of an Option with Portals on Public Property

The Fairgrounds’ governing body (22nd DAA Board)

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February Updates (online only)

Quotable Del Mar

So, what’s so special about Del Mar? Some indefinable mix of climate, architecture, urban woods, lovely beach, flowered medians, pleasant restaurants, and interesting people? Yes, but more. Except for the climate, all of these amenities are ours because we live in a self-conscious community, one in which its members take pride and care in maintaining its beauty and its charms and in nurturing our social ties.


“The City of Del Mar was founded by activists who did not want to be swallowed in the gaping maw of San Diego. Over time changing generations have worked politically to protect the city, and they have created not-for-profit organizations that have become pillars of our community [with] visible positive impacts on Del Mar…


“These groups have another profound impact on our small community. They bring us together. We share the joys and frustrations of projects and we enjoy together the fruits of that labor…


“Yes, sometimes neighbors strongly disagree. The election season can strain relationships. Land use issues cause tension. We fight, [but] Del Mar is an extraordinary city, a community, neighbors and friends. Let’s keep it that way.”

Penny Abell, at left, enjoys a 2023 DMCC event with Nancy Weare and Mary Ann Emerson. Photo by Kara Adams/DMCC.

Penny Abell resides on Serpentine Dr. Among her many professional and civic endeavors, Penny served as the Editor of the Sandpiper in 2005-2006. The above is excerpted from her Editorial published in the April 2005 Sandpiper. In January, Penny and her husband Buck Abell celebrated their 90th birthdays at the Del Mar Powerhouse, surrounded by friends, family, and the live jazz music they both love.