April 2022

Seven Years in Kyiv: 2000-2007

In 2000 the Ukrainian government decided to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) and asked the U.S. government for help in meeting the requirements for membership. I had just finished


Editorial: Adults in the Room

As we watch the City Council in action, we’re struck with how important it is to have “adults in the room” when key decisions are made – and how much


Roving Teen Reporter – Ukraine: 1984

Even students who seldom pay attention to the week’s top headlines are by now familiar with the conflict in Ukraine through discussions in their classes and with their friends. As


Drought: Water Hogs

It has been years since we have had a “normal” rainfall.    The Los Angeles Times reported that January and February 2022 were the driest ever recorded in most of


Hair Care: 9th Corner Salon

Doors are open at the 9th Corner Salon operated by Natalie Neault and Marcos Samaniego, who moved just downstairs after working for years at Jean Claude Salon.    “Being a


Greenwashing Watch

The labels eco, green, natural and the like are qualifiers used on packaging or in marketing campaigns to attract the environmentally-conscious consumer, but they could mean nothing! Consequences? Customers don’t


Bear Necessities

Pizza, a slice, a pie, is a favorite any time meal for many people of all ages. As it turns out, for bears too. Hank the Tank made headlines in


Commentary: In a Pickle

As per usual, we were the last to get the news. Yes, only recently did my wife and I discover Pickleball. Now we’ve started to bat the ball back in


Del Mar Community Connections

DMCC Transportation programs are back and growing! The DMCC Sassy Chassis is back on the road! Essential transportation services like the grocery van have been back from a Covid-induced pause


In Brief

Power Up Now! As the cost of gasoline rises to stratospheric levels, maybe it is time to consider switching to a battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV). New models from major manufacturers

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Quotable Del Mar

Ivan Gayler

“Believing the loss of biodiversity and changes to global climate were the two greatest issues of our era, I knew I had to act…. I realized long ago that I could build another shopping center like the Del Mar Plaza but never in a million years could I create a songbird, a pink river dolphin or a blue morpho butterfly…. We have a moral obligation [to] future generations and the health of the planet.”