Ivan Gayler

“Believing the loss of biodiversity and changes to global climate were the two greatest issues of our era, I knew I had to act…. I realized long ago that I could build another shopping center like the Del Mar Plaza but never in a million years could I create a songbird, a pink river dolphin or a blue morpho butterfly…. We have a moral obligation [to] future generations and the health of the planet.”

– From SD Union-Tribune, Click here to read the story

Ivan Gayler, whose Del Mar Partnership with David Winkler developed Del Mar Plaza in 1989, founded Nature and Culture International in 1997. NCI has helped conserve 22 million acres of endangered ecosystems in Latin America, working with local and indigenous communities, and with governments from the village to the national level. To learn more about NCI: www.natureandculture.org

Ivan Gayler in Ecaudor. Photo by Dwight Worden