In Brief

Power Up Now!

As the cost of gasoline rises to stratospheric levels, maybe it is time to consider switching to a battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV). New models from major manufacturers and new ones are appearing seemingly every month, and models range from luxury sedans to pickup trucks.

Prices range from the low $30K to well over $100K, and those with lower sales numbers (sorry Tesla) still qualify for a federal tax credit of $7500 and a possible state rebate. Most BEV models have a range of 200-300 miles, and the number of recharging stations is increasing rapidly. Home recharging is the most popular option, and low time-of-use rates favor charging during off peak hours (e.g., midnight to 5 am). Low maintenance costs and zero gas use means BEVs cost less to drive. Charge up and drive on.

Fencing Off

In March, the Sandpiper reported online on aggressive positions staked out by the California Coastal Commission (CCC) and NCTD with respect to NCTD’s plan to install a fence along Del Mar’s upper bluffs. Click here to read those reports


As of press time, additional legal documents have been filed with the Surface Transportation Board (STB) by the City of Del Mar and NCTD (available at the above link), but no ruling has been made by the STB. The Sandpiper will publish online updates on the fencing dispute as new developments occur.

Unsettled at Sunset

On an evening in late February a woman who went to get a good look at the setting sun from the bluff top on private property took a misstep and slipped off the edge. The Fire Department, alerted, came to her aid and hoisted her back up from her fall by the light of headlamps.

Photo by Cindy Bernstein