May 2023

On the Road

First we walked. Then we rode tamed animals. With the invention of the wheel entrepreneurs eventually designed bikes then automobiles. The world has yet to come to grips with the


Editorial: Getting from Here to There

Burning fossil fuels for energy generation or transportation is killing our planet as we know it. Climate change experts agree that we must act now to decarbonize both sources of


Nuke News

Congressman Mike Levin updated the SONGS Task Force on recent progress on efforts to move the nuclear waste from the current storage site near the beach in San Onofre on


Critters: Wolf Pack

There is some good news about California’s gray wolf (Canis lupus) population. This protected endangered species is slowly coming back to northern California after being run out in the 1920s.


Roving Teen Reporter: Teen Travel

Now and then, an assembly of high school students on their newly furnished electronic bikes cruise along the road. With the quiet humming from the motors, their vehicles pivot and


Big Ridge Bluff?

Is a 259-unit housing development called Seaside Ridge coming to the North Bluff? On March 30, 2023, the City of Del Mar received a development application for a housing development


Commentary: Housing Challenge

Finally after 3 or 4 years  of evasive maneuvering and political posturing by the Council majority, a unanimous vote congratulates themselves that they have approved a 6th cycle housing element


Dogs of Del Mar: Annie and Nikki

Our dogs, Annie and Nikki (a male) are both labradoodles, raised together but from different breeders. We got them from a trainer who re-homes labradoodles, and their names came from


Covid Update: Rebooster? Yes!

If you are confused over whether or not you should get another bivalent COVID vaccine booster, you are not alone. While the FDA has suggested that it is considering recommending


Sustainability: ZEV Trucks

While almost 19% of cars sold last year in California were electric vehicles (EVs), fewer than 2% of trucks sold were electric. Given that medium- and heavy-duty trucks are a


Remembering Maneck Wadia

Born in Bombay, Maneck earned a PhD at Indiana and became a professor and highly regarded lecturer on leadership to a variety of executive groups. Since 1965 he was active


Del Mar Community Connections

Report to the Community A Network of Support, DMCC’s 2023 Report to the Community, has been sent to members of the community who have donated to or volunteered for DMCC,


In Brief

Scary bluff ride On April 13th, Del Mar Mayor Tracy Martinez and other local elected officials accompanied Rep. Mike Levin (CA-49) and Federal Railway Administration representative Amir Bose on a

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“Quotable Del Mar”


“The most important thing that I’ve learned—the most profound thing in the last 50 years since we put the first cell phone together—is the importance of keeping in mind that everything we do is to improve the human experience. Not everyone knows how to dream. The dream that I had 50 years ago is one of the reasons that we are all connected today, that we now have a supercomputer in our pockets. We need more dreamers, people who are not afraid to try, and fail, and try again.”

—From a Motorola India video interview. See the video here:

Martin (Marty) Cooper. Photo by Jeffrey J. Schwartz (CC BY 2.0).

Del Mar resident Martin (Marty) Cooper is widely regarded as the father of the handheld cellphone. As the general manager of Motorola’s communications systems division, he led the team that built the first mobile cellphone. Famously, 50 years ago, he made the first public phone call from a handheld cell phone – and he chose to make that call to his competitor at Bell Labs.