March 2022

Editorial: Nice Neighbors!

NY Times columnist David Brooks recently wrote a pessimistic piece about our country”s “long term loss of solidarity, rise in estrangement and hostility…society that is dissolving from the bottom up…Americans


Housing Upzone Approved

On February 10, Del Mar won certification by the California Coastal Commission (CCC) of a Local Coastal Program (LCP) amendment to its Land Use Plan to allow multiple dwelling unit


Safe Storage Search?

The SONGS Task Force appointed by Rep. Mike Levin (D-CA49) met on February 14 to review recent progress at the federal level on the goal of removing spent nuclear fuel


Roving Teen Reporter: Gelato Gems

Tucked between Tamarindo and a “Coming Soon” sign is An’s Hatmakers, the most recent addition to the Del Mar Plaza. It is not, as the name suggests, a place to


Brownies and Cookies

Del Mar resident Kate is doing well with her Girl Scout’s annual fund raising cookie sale. She has had years of experience. She started selling cookies as a Girl Scout


Safe Sniff

Another Booster. It looks like those of us who were first in line for COVID-19 vaccine booster shots last summer (over 65 or immunocompromised) will need to get another booster


Fair Tally for Talley?

In recent developments in a Superior Court case filed last year by Talley Amusement, Inc. alleging improprieties by the 22nd DAA (Fairgrounds) in scoring proposals for a Master Carnival Operator


Crest Canyon Critters

The iNaturalist website reports that 282 living species have been documented by the organization’s observers as being at home in what they call Crest Canyon Park, but referred to as


Photo Story: Tree Trunk Talent

This is a single tree that was taken down and then carved by tree artist Alex Sofonov. The sculpture is on private property in Del Mar. March Issue UNDERGROUNDING HIGH:


Hot Water = Clean Planet

Is your gas water heater more than 10 years old? If so, it is probably approaching the end of its life, so plan in advance and get ready to replace


Cleaner Energy Now

The Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) presented an update on current operations to the Del Mar City Council at its February 7th meeting. CEA CEO Barbara Boswell reported that Escondido and


Del Mar Foundation

As we celebrate Del Mar Foundation’s 40th anniversary, it’s fun to revisit how one of our signature events, Summer Twilight Concerts (STC), got its start. The original name and venue


Del Mar Community Connections

DMCC’s activity calendar is booked…  Many Del Mar seniors are avid readers. That’s why Page Turners, our book talk club organized in partnership with the Del Mar branch library, is


In Brief

Garbage Be Gone As the Sandpiper March issue went to press, the City Council was scheduled to award a new, 10-year franchise agreement for solid waste collection in Del Mar,

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March Updates (online only)

Quotable Del Mar

“Climate change is a global problem, and right now, humanity is at a crossroads. Our action or inaction in the next 10 years is going to determine our fate – the fate of humanity on our planet.” – Del Mar Garden Club presentation


Del Mar resident Joanne Chory leads Salk Institute’s Harnessing Plants Initiative, an innovative approach to fight climate change. Read about it here: See her TED Talk here:


A professor and director of the Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory at Salk, in 2017, Chory won the most prestigious honor in her field, the Breakthrough Foundation’s life sciences prize.

Photo courtesy of Salk Institute