May 2021

Sun-Kissed Meals

by Valérie Dufort-Roy

Solar cooking evokes the image of roughing it out when camping in the remote wilderness. There is so much more to it! Solar cooking is a great alternative


Editorial: Train Tunnel Traction

Our long struggle to resolve the perilous balance of the train tracks and the eroding beach front bluffs is coming close to a breaking point. For decades leaders have avoided


Watermark Muckup

by Bud Emerson

For almost a decade the controversial Watermark housing proposal on Jimmy Durante Boulevard near the traffic circle has been evolving on our public agenda. After years of negotiations


In Brief

Fair Help? A bill, the Agricultural Fairs Rescue Act that would provide $500 million to fairs nationwide, has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Mike Levin (D-49th) is a


Roving Teen Reporter: Opening Schools

by Neha Pubbi

With San Diego county moving into the orange tier and the vaccine rollout, San Dieguito Union High School District reopened schools for a 1 day a week learning


Two Tunnel or Not Two Tunnel

by Don Mosier

Results of strategic plan studies evaluating five options for tunnels to realign the train tracks from the Del Mar bluffs to inland locations were presented at the April


Best Vaccines Ever

by Don Mosier, MD, PhD

Most Del Mar residents have been vaccinated against COVID-19 (great!). However, some may now have concerns about vaccine safety and efficacy because of both the pause


Anti-Racism Begins at Home

by Marissa Matusiak

Do you know what Juneteenth is? Although President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in January of 1863, it took more than two years for the Proclamation to


Papa Carlo

by Lauren Grove

My grandfather, Carlo Coppo, moved to Del Mar in 1977. For the past forty years he lived on lower Zuni Drive, for the past 10 in a small


Escargot Go Go

by Virginia Lawrence

We lived in Geneva, Switzerland for 25 years, and on Christmas Eve our French friends always invited us for the Réveillon dinner. After une coupe de champagne, they


Electric Switch

by Don Mosier

Del Mar residents are being automatically enrolled in electricity service from the Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) beginning May 1st. The cost of electricity generation will be less than


Dancing in the Dark

by Julie Maxey-Allison

Though a lot of fish swim in our sea, we have one very local species found only along the southern California coast: the grunion. Often thought, as is


Hanging Out

Just in time, rope rescue training prepared Del Mar lifeguards to work with Del Mar firefighters and help a man caught in a crevice while trying to take what he


Bees at Beeside

by Julie-Maxey Allison

Having grown up in France, Barcelona and the Mediterranean area, Christophe Cevasco’s Beeside Balcony, now open, specializes in “global Mediterranean food” with the focus on seafood, all fresh,


DMF: Supporting Our Lifeguards

The City’s Community Services Department and its stellar Lifeguard Services have worked tirelessly to ensure “safe fun in the sun” for Del Mar residents and visitors. DMF has long supported


Del Mar Community Connections

First Annual Spring Ice Cream Social I scream, you scream! DMCC is hosting our first annual Spring Ice Cream Social on Friday, May 14 in the Del Mar Civic Center

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