Bees at Beeside

Having grown up in France, Barcelona and the Mediterranean area, Christophe Cevasco’s Beeside Balcony, now open, specializes in “global Mediterranean food” with the focus on seafood, all fresh, all made in house. Christophe got off to a shaky start when took over as the new owner of the restaurant on January 17, 2020. We all know what happened soon after. The Covid 19 pandemic proceeded and so did the series of lockdowns that closed the restaurant. Christophe furloughed the in-place staff and, like so many other business owners, he rethought his. He worked with the Del Mar Village Association’s Fuel the Frontline Campaign to produce food for 1000s of essential workers and still does some. He also put together packed meals for the homeless supported by St.Peter’s Church sponsored by the Del Mar Foundation.


As the lockdowns eased, people started coming to the Beeside Balcony for takeout. “I started marketing our Happy Hour and takeout and got good media coverage. That helped. Locals came and supported us, ordering takeout,” reports Christophe. Happily, Beeside Balcony’s packaging for takeout —the boxes, the straws, the utensils— is 97% compostable.


Then the young crowd, respectful of masks, came to eat at the restaurant, enjoying the outdoor seating. Now, as more and more people get vaccinated, restaurant goers of all ages are comfortable returning to dine—some with their dogs who are welcome on the side terrace.


Christophe’s over 20 years of experience includes eight years at his last job at Eddie V’s in La Jolla before he decided to open a place of his own. The beverage menu selection offers beer and wine and Sabe’s “unique” cocktail list. An extra, also for sale, keeping with the Beeside Balcony theme is honey! Christophe keeps bees in Vista. A local apiary company gathers his honey and produces the “in house” jars of honey. 1201 Camino Del Mar,