In Brief

Fair Help?

A bill, the Agricultural Fairs Rescue Act that would provide $500 million to fairs nationwide, has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Mike Levin (D-49th) is a co-sponsor, and he told the Del Mar City Council on April 19th that he hoped the bill would help restore funding to the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which has been dealt a severe financial blow by the restriction against large public gatherings imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Super Vax

The COVID-19 vaccination supersite at the Del Mar Fairgrounds has advanced to full operations as the supply of both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines has increased. Friday, April 23rd was their busiest day to date, with 6,007 shots administered. Traffic control has increased, and the number of cars lining up for shots each morning has extended past the Jimmy Durante-Via de la Valle intersection. The supersite is a joint enterprise with Scripps Health, the San Diego County Department of Health, and the 22nd District Agricultural Association, with the help of many local volunteers.


Winston Incomplete

With the City Council finding that Winston’s proposed development does not meet the lease requirements for a “major remodel,” including bringing all buildings up to current California building codes and meeting parking requirements, the City has once again extended the April 6th deadline for Winston to submit a complete development application to June 8, 2021.