November 2022

Dwight Worden: The Sandpiper’s Choice

Based on the conduct of candidates and their surrogates in the campaign to date, we are reiterating our recommendation that voters use their two votes to re-elect Worden and Gaasterland.


Commentary: Candidate Debate

Unlike most previous unremarkable City Council debates run by the League of Women Voters, the October 10 video session produced some remarkable observations. Candidate Quirk was dramatically overshadowed by the


Roving Teen Reporter: Tuned In Teens

The 2022 midterm elections again arrive at a time of much-needed urgency and action. With the previous midterm election indicating an uprise in voter turnout, this year’s election will likely


Outing and Eating

In July I signed up as a volunteer Van Host for Del Mar Community Connections, which I was told would involve escorting a group of seniors on a local shopping


Covid Update: Paxlovid Works

My wife Ann Feeney and I contracted COVID at the end of a cruise to Alaska in August, and we spent the next 5 days taking Paxlovid pills to reduce


World Wide Web Weavers

Spiders: there are 40,000 species of them scattered about our globe, with more than 300 at home in San Diego. They are move visible in the late fall, the active


Del Mar Community Connections

Thanks to DMCC Gala Supporters! The Annual Benefit Gala took place on October 1 at the Del Mar Civic Center with a theme of A Night on the Mediterranean; the

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April Updates (online only)

Quotable Del Mar

Will Holliday. Photo courtesy of RWB Multimedia.
Joel Holliday. Photo courtesy of the Holliday family.

Will Holliday

On the value of being both selfless and selfish:   “My dad’s accomplishments have been well documented; he was certainly admired and was unquestionably my personal hero. He leaves a legacy of devotion to family, friends, and community. He was selfless in so many respects, yet selfish – selfish with his time, selfish in that he only spent time with people and on projects that he valued. I can assure you, if you spent