Not My Cup of Tea

As a 56-yr resident of Del Mar, I would like to express my relief that none of the 3 sculptures recommended by the Arts committee was selected for display at the City Hall. None was aesthetically pleasing. None conveyed any sort of message about the city itself. Perhaps one could have been added to the tot lot as playground equipment. I am reminded of the sculpture ostensibly of a breaking wave that was placed in front of the Scripps Research Institute on North Torrey Pines Road some 35 years ago. It was equal in aesthetic appeal to the sculptures proposed for the City Hall. People commented that the sculpture looked more like an ailing bacterium than a wave. After a few years, it was removed. It is better not to have an unappealing stature in the first place. I applaud the good sense of the city council members in rejecting all three proposed sculptures.



Linda Holland

Coast Blvd.