Say it isn’t so!

RE: Council turns down donation of Noguchi sculpture


Say it isn’t so!


When I read that the City Council had turned down a donation of a sculpture by  Isamu Noguchi I thought maybe this wasn’t THE Isamu Noguchi? But then I saw a photo of the Noguchi on offer in the Sandpiper . How is it possible that a town known for it’s mid century design. architects and architecture failed to grasp the significance of this piece? Even a quick Google would have alerted anyone who bothered to look that Noguchi has pieces in the permanent collections of the Met and MOMA and that his iconic furniture and lighting  designs are still in production by Herman Miller.  I recently bought one of my young grandchildren a stunning picture book A Boy Named Isamu  which describes how walking on the beach and looking at the shapes of the rocks provided Noguchi’s  early artistic inspiration. Octetra sounds made for Del Mar.


Is it too late to apologize to the donors and ask for a restart?


Robin Vanderlaan

13th. Street