Bohemian Alchemist

Step into Bohemian Alchemist, a newly opened coffee and tea house, to enjoy “unusual and evocative flavors including ingredients like yaupon, a

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Downtown Art

It’s time to take an “art walk,” a real one, along Camino Del Mar, from 9th to 15th Street and west to

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New To You

The St. Peter’s Thrift Stop is grandly reopening into a generous renovated space filled with finds of all kinds of quality goods,

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Speed Dating

While the Peregrine falcon is not faster than, say, a speeding bullet, it is a super-bird, the fastest animal on earth. With

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Best Beach

by Julie Maxey-Allison

Interview with Jon Edelbrock, Director of Community Services and Chief Lifeguard Del Mar’s summer is coming and so are visitors

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