Sustainability: Hot And Wet Enough For You?

Too hot to swim in the ocean! On July 24th, the ocean temperature on the Florida coast was recorded at 101.1 degrees F.   July has been the hottest month on record all over the world, and the deadliest for those forced to endure the high temperatures. We in Del Mar are lucky to be one of the few areas to have avoided the intense heat domes that have covered much of the globe this summer. Heat-related deaths in the US are expected to greatly exceed the record number of 1700 reported by the CDC in 2022.   Climate change

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Roving Teen Reporter: Passionate About the Planet

To his friends and peers, Torrey Pines High School senior Rami Kabakibi is a stoic of sorts. A deep thinker, calm without fail, and often quiet. But there is one topic that sends Kabakibi into a frenzy of passionate loquaciousness. A topic which transforms him into a fierce changemaker and activist.   The environment. Perhaps by fate, Kabakibi says his household began receiving the Time Magazine – a publication known for its consistent coverage of climate change – monthly amidst the Covid-19 lockdown. While most teens spent their time during the pandemic scrolling through TikTok, Kabakibi allocated all of his

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Breaking News

Rewilding Del Mar

What is rewilding and why is it important? Rewilding helps nature restore damaged ecosystems by removing invasive nonnative grasses, bushes,

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Brew Up

It’s back and better! First opened in Del Mar October 2020, WestBrew owners Heather and Josh Schrer— partnering with Del

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September 2023 Issue

In Brief

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In Brief

Majestic Monarchs

The Monarch Butterfly Demonstration Garden at the Del Mar Civic Center hosted a number of Monarch eggs, larvae (caterpillars), chrysalises  and butterflies throughout August. This caterpillar was busy munching the last leaf of a native narrowleaf milkweed on August 4.


This Monarch butterfly was sighted on August 8 – very likely there to lay eggs on the adjacent milkweed, and perhaps to feed from the blooming nectar plants. Volunteers from the Del Mar Garden Club and Del Mar Foundation planted the garden in March, with funding  from a DMF grant. 


Photos by Don Mosier.

In Brief: Climate Change

Dragon Breath

A Hawaii resident described the wind whipped wildfire that devastated Lahaina on the island of Maui in August as “dragon breath orange” flames. The lucky had time to grab—a cat, a phone, whatever—and go. Others did not. Our area has experienced past wildfires and, with our now normal shifting climate change, there will be more.  To prepare for the possibility of those dragon breath orange fire flames, you have already cut back your foliage and packed your go bags. A good start. For detailed information on how to best be prepared for emergencies go to the website “

$750K for Del Mar

On Friday, August 18th, Rep. Mike Levin (CA-49) was joined by House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08) at a press conference celebrating the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act, and the historic investments made to create better paying jobs and lower costs across the country. At the press conference, Rep. Levin and Leader Jeffries highlighted millions of dollars in new funding for coastal conservation, restoration, and resilience that could go to projects like the $750,000 awarded to the City of Del Mar’s Improvement Project to address climate resiliency at the San Dieguito Lagoon. Rep. Levin and Leader Jeffries were introduced by Del Mar Mayor Tracy Martinez.

Congrats Ashley!

Ashley Simpkins as the organization’s first Executive Director. In this role, Ashley is responsible for the day-to-day operations of DMCC, while also working with the Board on overall management, development, and strategic planning issues. 


Ashley responded to her promotion by saying: “Everyone knows how much I love DMCC, and how devoted I am to its mission and goals of serving Del Mar seniors. Being Program Director for the past several years has been such a fulfilling experience, and I could not be more excited about expanding my commitment to DMCC as Executive Director.”

Fair Board Appointment

Mark Arabo has been appointed to the Board of the 22nd District Agricultural Association, replacing Director Pierre Sleiman who resigned in 2022, and restoring the board to its full nine members. Arabo has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Refined Management since 2015, and he served on the California Workplace Development Board from 2019 to 2023. Mark resides with his wife and two young children in San Diego.

Chips and Chunks

Photo by Julie Maxey-Allison