Becoming a Del Marian

We moved to Del Mar in 1973 and I quickly became friends with Pat Stroud who then lived a block south on Crest Road. One day on one of our walks on Crest, as cars raced by dangerously close to us, I said, “We need side walks!” Pat explained that “Oh, no, Del Marians like the rural feeling of the road, trees and vegetation not concrete.” Another time walking home after dark from a neighbor party I said, “This town should have street lights.” Again she gently explained to me the importance of dark skies so we can see stars.


Recent News

Winston Lawsuit Settles with Agreement on Revised Lease Terms

October 2, 2023

On September 29, the City posted what it termed as a “City of Del Mar/Winston School – Joint Public Statement,” announcing a settlement in the lawsuit currently pending between Winston and the City. The Winston School released its own statement the same day. Previously, the City had terminated Winsto’s lease, asserting that Winston had violated the lease, including failing to comply with development milestones for a major remodel of the school’s buildings.


In Brief

Councilmember Misconduct

An independent investigator engaged by the City Attorney, as authorized by the City Council, has been conducting interviews and gathering information “to investigate allegations of Councilmember conduct.” The conduct at issue “includes public disclosure of confidential closed session information and potential violation of City Code, policies, and contractual obligations related to interactions with the City Manager, City staff, and third party consultants,” according to City Attorney Leslie Devaney.


This is not the first claim of improper Councilmember interference with the City Manager’s authority.  As the Sandpiper reported in March 2021, after the Council voted to terminate then-City Manager C.J. Johnson without cause, Johnson’s attorney negotiated compensation beyond what was due to Johnson under her contract, asserting “facts suggesting members of the City Council are in substantial breach” of contractual provisions that prohibit councilmembers from interfering with the execution of the powers and duties of the Manager. (See

Fair Housing Soon?

Fairgrounds CEO Carlene Moore reports that a proposal is being developed for housing on their property. If agreement can be reached with the city, this plan would provide about half of the city’s required 113 affordable units. Moore projected a joint agreement target date for late 2023 or early 2024. If the agreement does not come to fruition by April 2024, the Council has designated a portion of the North Bluff property as the backup site for upzoning to 20-25 dwelling units per acre, with 250+ units needed to produce the 54+ affordable units.

Breakfast at Harry’s

Harry’s Coffee Shop is branching out and taking over the Americana Restaurant space. Photo by Julie Maxey-Allison.

Rental Registry

A short term rental (STR) registry has been set up to help the City Council identify the number of STRs operating in Del Mar as it formulates new policies.

Kaaboo Back

The Del Mar Fair Board approved a contract with the new owners of the Kaaboo brand name for a 3-day concert event to be held in September 2024. The last Kaaboo event was held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in 2019. The event was supposed to move to Petco Park in 2020, but the pandemic intervened and the concert has been in hiatus since then.

Documenting Dilapidation

Photos by Julie Maxey-Allison

DMF Community Picnic

Photos by Hylton Lonstein

Quotable Del Mar

Nancy Weare: Preserving and Restoring the Lagoon

Photo by John Weare

started the Del Mar San Dieguito Lagoon Committee soon after John and I moved to Del Mar in early 1970. I was shocked at the terrible state of the lagoon and river and people’s general disregard for this potentially beautiful and biologically important area. [I went] to the City and requested the establishment of a City committee dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the lagoon. After several years gathering support for a revitalized lagoon system, an enhancement plan was developed with the assistance of many state agencies and the city. Then after fighting off proposed development in the nearby western river valley…it was obvious that we needed to gather together interested people to save the entire river valley from the coast to the mountains.”


In addition to her work as founding member of the Lagoon Committee, Nancy Weare was instrumental in the creation of the San Dieguito Land Conservancy, serving as its first president; the Conservancy promoted the idea of establishing a JPA to create the San Dieguito River Park. She also is recognized as a founder of Del Mar Community Connections, which she says “was born in Ann Silber’s living room where we had our first community discussions in Sept. 1999” about establishing a Del Mar organization to support seniors.