Will Housing Victory Last?

SB 9 has been called the single family zone busting law. It allows single family lots to divide in two and put two units on each new lot. That’s four units where currently only one is allowed by Del Mar zoning. The state’s rationale for imposing this new law on all cities? We need more affordable housing and this will further that goal. But, last month a Superior Court judge ruled SB 9 unconstitutional as applied to Charter Law cities like Del Mar in a case brought by the City of Del Mar and 4 other Charter Law cities.


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Walking Woes

1976-Frank has been out doing errands on this Sunday morning. As he comes back into the house he suggests, “Everyone get in the car and come with me. There’s a house for


Sick Sea

On May 15 we were treated to the second Climate Change Symposium, organized by a group of Del Mar residents.  This second symposium was centered on the effects of climate change on


Bella Velellas

Those cobalt blue “by-the-wind” sailors that recently coated our coastal beaches are Velella velella, free-floating hydrozoans that call the top of the open ocean home. Beginning life in the middle of the


Bluff Erosion Urgency

The LOSSAN Corridor, the only rail connection we have to the rest of the U.S., is threatened.   San Diego’s coastal bluffs are receding up to six inches annually, leaving the train


DMF: July 4th Parade

Del Mar shows its true small-town character on the 4th of July, when kids on creatively-decorated bikes and scooters join parents, grandparents, neighbors, Junior Lifeguards, “dressed-up” dogs, Council members and Uncle Sam


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