Quirk’s Violations – Undergrounding

The Feb. 26, 2024 report (“the Report”) of the independent investigator retained by the City to investigate complaints against Councilmember Dan Quirk found that Quirk’s improper intervention in the undergrounding project cost the City $22,000 in extra consultant fees, and resulted in damage to underground utilities and other negative outcomes.


The investigator wrote: “On numerous occasions, Council voted on items where Quirk did not agree with the outcomes…Quirk went directly to staff to provide feedback or direction. Because of Quirk’s position as Council member, and the power of the position, staff felt they had to move forward with Quirk’s direction even though it was in conflict with City Council.”


The Report found that based on the direction by Quirk, the Tewa undergrounding project had a reduced level of civil design, reduced resident communications during construction, and lacked a full-time dedicated onsite construction manager, “resulting in community complaints and damage to underground utilities.” The investigator found that Quirk’s conduct violated City Municipal Code 2.24.10, City Council and City Manager Guiding Principles, and City Council Policies 102 and 202A1.


The Resolution adopted by the City Council on April 15, 2024 affirmed these findings, and specifically found that Quirk’s conduct “interfered with the ability of City staff and outside consultants to execute their routine duties.”


The full Report is here: https://bit.ly/QuirkReport.