A Wag, a Woof, and a Meow!

In a world often tangled in the web of political affiliations and differing ideologies, let’s pawse for a moment and talk about a force that transcends party lines—our awesome four-legged companions – our dogs and cats. These fluffy diplomats possess an uncanny ability to bring people together, creating a shared love that not even the most heated political debate can undermine.


Here at Dexter’s Deli, Del Mar’s local community natural pet store, we are just the place where pet parents unite over a common love for their furry friends. Unlike us humans, dogs couldn’t care less about political party affiliations, although the cat just might.


They don’t bark along party lines or judge us based on our voting history. Instead, they focus on the simple joys of companionship, belly rubs, and, of course, the mysterious allure of chasing their own tails. It’s almost as if they’re saying, “Why worry about red or blue when you can have a fetching good time in any color and where the best times are where the grass is the greenest.”

Tori Rosay at Dexter’s Deli. Photo courtesy of Dexter’s

At Dexter’s Deli the most contentious debate is which special treat to buy or what is the best pet food for my fur-family member, can you write my dogs name on a pupcake or what is the best dog park toy. It’s a place where “sit” and “stay” are the only commands that matter, and the only political affiliation is the shared love for all things canine and…feline, of course.


Our pets are our therapy, they are the furry healers in a world often in need of a pick-me-up, bringing us not only comfort, but also a generous dose of humor. And while we humans may differ in our political views, we can always find common ground in sharing laughter over our pets’ delightful antics.


Dexter’s Deli is a community – not only do we provide the essentials for a happy and healthy companion, but where political discourse takes a backseat and where we can all take a cue from our furry companions and wag off the political stress.

Remember that in the grand scheme, a wagging tail is a much better indicator of happiness than any political poll. So, tell your dog or cat “hi” from us – cause we all need a playtime revolution.