Quotable Del Mar – Karen Lockwood: On Thoughts of Spring and Gardening

“Wild cucumber vines in Crest Canyon with those prickly green pods that look like medieval vegetable maces. The light changes. And, I love the grasses, the hills are a soft green.”

Karen Lockwood (1937-2024) wrote and sketched regularly for the Sandpiper, her musings often inspired by rambles through Del Mar’s streets, hidden paths and gardens. For the March 2004 issue, she collected “Thoughts of Spring and Gardens” from seven Del Mar residents, then added her own thoughts (above). Those who knew Karen won’t be surprised that she focused on a native plant in the wild, rather than something from a well-groomed garden. The Sandpiper appreciates having so much of Karen’s creativity permanently preserved in the pages of our past issues.  (Photo credits: Pica Lockwood, photo of Karen; Betty Wheeler, photo of Wild Cucumber.)