Shores Park Still Paused

At its March 11 goal-setting workshop, the City Manager committed to bringing forward a recap of master planning to date for the park, and to seek Council direction on next steps by the end of the calendar year.


Housing Window Open

The City of Del Mar and 22nd DAA have entered an agreement that has initiated an exclusive two year negotiating window to determine if affordable housing can be sited at a yet-to-be determined location within the Fairgrounds. More details:



North Bluff Lawsuit

Sponsors of the proposed 259-unit Seaside Ridge complex on a North Bluff parcel are suing the City of Del Mar. The City has returned the application three times for lack of compliance with zoning regulations. The lawsuit argues that California’s “Builders’ Remedy” law allows the project to proceed with minimal regulation because it was submitted during a time before the state certified our housing element.

New Trees Planted at Civic Center

Transplants: African Sumac trees, just planted at the Del Mar Civic Center plaza in the central planter and the planter on 10th Street east of the parking lot, replace the Monterey Cypresses that died. 


Photo by Julie Maxie-Allison