DMF: The Impact of DMF’s Grants

A key responsibility of DMF board members is identifying grant opportunities that correlate with our mission and will have a positive impact on our community. Following are a few recent examples that have done exactly that.


Last year, DMF granted $24,000 to the San Dieguito River Park JPA to fund trail and gateway design work for a trail by the Fairgrounds along the north bank of San Dieguito River, as part of the Coast to Crest Trail. The gateway will be a beautiful artwork designed by James Hubbell and family. The design work we funded enabled the JPA to secure $1.3M in state funding for this trail project.


DMF’s $10,000 grant for December’s Red Nose Run (RNR), supported this fun run/race which gave all proceeds to two charities: the San Dieguito River Park JPA, and Semper Fi & America’s Fund (SFAF), a national organization that assists wounded veterans. Each organization received $13,000 from RNR. In addition, SFAF received an additional $13,000 via a matching grant from GoDaddy. RNR effectively leveraged our $10K grant into $39K to these two worthy organizations.


The November Climate Change Symposium, supported by a DMF grant, brought well-respected climate change experts to share important information specific to Del Mar with attendees. DMF also funded DMTV-created videos of all the presentations, so those unable to attend could access the information. These videos are now available on our website:

We are continuously seeking worthy new grant opportunities. Please contact us if you have suggestions, or would like to learn more or apply for a grant: