In Brief

Parking: Respect the Intent

Parking spaces reserved for the handicapped are in place for a purpose: to provide people with disabilities a place to park. The adjacent blue crosshatch areas are designated spaces for wheelchair lifts. Sadly, many take advantage by overusing a Disabled Person Parking Placard that is no longer needed and/or by using a faked placard. For those fortunate enough to be abled bodied, please understand and respect the signage.


Undergrounding Timeline

Timelines for the next two phases of the citywide undergrounding program have been set.


  • Stratford Court between between 4th and 12th streets will see removal of 56 poles near 464 residences between March and October 2024.
  • Crest Canyon district is planned for removal of all poles between August 2024 and July 2025.

Funding for the entire city comes from a 2016 voter- approved one-cent sales tax.

Behind the Fence

Construction continues at the lot that was Bully’s, growing up from the finished basement level. (Photo by Julie Maxey-Allison)

Downward Dance Disaster

Day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year our cliffs keep on sliding into the sand below. (Photos by Julie Maxey-Allison)

ADU Rules

ADUs (granny flats) will be required to be used for dwelling purposes under new rules being adopted by City Council. Also addressed will be an incentive program for up to 15 low- income units. And finally, an amnesty program will forgive and legitimize existing rental units which have operated without permits.


Unhousing Ospreys

Alert: At the San Dieguito Lagoon opsreys may be unhoused because wires are being undergrounded and the poles that some use have been or are being taken down. There is a very active coalition of locals working to replace landing places for Osprey. (Photos by John Weare)