Dogs of Del Mar: Cody

I have a new neighbor, his name is Cody, and he has created quite the buzz in the neighborhood.  Cody, a lost and found two-month old puppy, is now living with my long-time neighbors, Jennifer and Steven McDowell.


He was discovered by Jennifer’s good friend, Linda, who saw Cody, alone, following walkers in the canyon of the Torrey Pines Reserve Extension. He came with a large smear of white paint along his flank – perhaps a run-in with a new paint job.  Luckily, he wandered into Linda’s arms.  Linda and Jennifer launched a good-old gum-shoe search, but no one came forward.  It did not take long for Jennifer and Steven to be charmed.  Jennifer made sure that her aging canine gal pal, Izzy, was agreeable.


Neighbors have been falling over themselves to catch a glimpse of Cody with his striking blue eyes and firmly erect and pointed ears.  He has the best of his three ancestral lines. – Bull Terrier, German Shepherd and Siberian Husky (DNA testing helps to solve the mystery.)


Cody has brought out the big heartedness in our neighborhood – not just the gifts to him of training leads, leashes, puppy gates, crates, chew toys, but a converging spirit of sentimentality and renewal.  Being able to gush over a puppy together and join neighbors in baby talk and belly rubs (just Cody’s belly) emphasizes the essence of a neighborhood – enjoying life stages together.


Cody’s name has an Irish origin meaning helper and companion. He is reminding us about the pleasures of being and having good neighbors.  We all benefit from the help of our neighbors and companionship.  And pets add another element of vitality.  Welcome to your forever home, Cody.

Izzy and Cody McDowell Photo by Shirley King.