Sustainability: Holiday Footprint

At holiday gift giving time, it is more important than ever to remember the mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  There is usually so much household waste generated over the holidays, so do what you can do reduce your “waste footprint.”


1. Perhaps you could treat friends or work colleagues to a lunch instead of buying something they may not even want.

2. If you are buying a gift, think of something that your relatives or friends would like and would use.

3. Reuse gift bags, ribbon, etc.

4. Recycle used wrapping paper.

5. Email a holiday newsletter instead of sending a traditional card – it is more personal, tells your friends what you have been doing, and saves all that paper, and the truck and airplane pollution of shipping the cards all over the country.


1. Opt for reusable, not disposable, dishes and cutlery.

2. Remember to put used paper napkins (and used paper plates if you have to use them) into the Green Bins for EDCO to pick up.  Food stained paper is fine for the Green Bins.

Holiday food

1. Buy the right size turkey or whatever is on your holiday menu.

2. Remember to scrape any food left on your plates into your Green Bin (or put in your kitchen caddy until your garbage day).


1. Give away leftovers to guests (in reusable containers).

2. Use in next day dishes, soups, sandwiches.

3. Make stock from the bones in your turkey or chicken.

4.  Freeze any extras that you will not eat right away.