Karla’s Award-Winning Art

Del Mar-based artist Karla Leopold’s solo show at the Rancho San Diego Library, October 2023, included pieces using a variety of media and materials—paint, pastels, papers, found objects, fabric, yarn. Multi talented Karla is always creating. Art is at the center in all she does— sketching her series on the environment documenting the decline of our cliffs or working in her studio on a variety of mixed media projects.


Karla in her long career as an art therapist, psychotherapist, and educator uses art as a tool for healing. She has been involved in responding to natural disasters, working at hospitals and schools, as well as developing a private practice, and consulting with others about the healing power of art. “Creating art can be a cathartic and transformative experience for many, regardless of age. It’s a beautiful way to tap into the subconscious and discover hidden aspects of oneself, providing solace and enjoyment while giving life to something unique.” Karla’s award-winning art is exhibited internationally and archived in the Smithsonian Institute, the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Fine Art, and other institutions.