Rootless in Del Mar

The Saravis family from Chicago moved into their new neighborhood on Avenida Primavera the week preceding Tropical Storm Hilary.  Becoming familiar with their clean-out drains faced them quickly as Hilary’s rains pooled around their front entryway.  Equipped with brooms only proved to be defeating.  Neighbor, Steven McDowell saw the family’s frenzy and sized up the problem. Without a second thought, Steven seized his drain augur.  He was prepared to become drenched while weaving his snake down the root-ridden yard drain.  His snake fished out over six continuous feet of tightly woven root matter.  Once the obstruction was extracted, the water found its way to freedom.


Del Mar builds good neighbors, and Steven McDowell  is one exemplary example of a neighbor with know-how and of course, one with all of the right tools, who responds spontaneously.   We all welcome the Saravis family, Jenny, Peter and Jay, to our neighborhood.

Steven McDowell (left) and Jay Saravis taming a root monster during Tropical Storm Hilary. Photo by Shirley King.