Electricity Tax Credits

The Clean Energy Authority (CEA), the electricity provider for Del Mar, has listed valuable information about how you can electrify your home and same money on their website. Here is the pertinent information.


An example of federal tax credits you might be eligible for (depending on your location, income level, whether you own or rent, etc.):



Battery Storage Installation ­­— 30%

Geothermal Heating Installation — 30%

Electric Panel — $600

Electric Vehicle Charger — $1,000

New Electric Vehicle — $7,500

Used Electric Vehicle — $4,000

Heat Pump Air Conditioner/Heater — $2,000

Heat Pump Water Heater* — $2,000

Rooftop Solar Installation — 30%

Weatherization — $1,200


These search topics can help you identify and apply for funding available to you:

  • EnergyStar Rebate Finder
  • Switch is On
  • Golden State Rebate
  • State rebates through Inflation Reduction Act (coming in 2024)
  • Inflation Reduction Act Calculator through Rewiring America (Federal tax credits)