Dogs of Del Mar: Bane and Harley

What are your dogs’ names, and is there a story behind their names?

Bane and Harley. They are named after two of my favorite villains from the Batman comic books.


What breeds are your dogs?

Bane is a Belgian Malinois and Harley is a Shepherd Mix


Share a story (funny or heartwarming) about how they do or don’t get along.

When Bane and Harley first met, Harley was very afraid of him because of how big he is and he can sometimes play a little too rough for his size. Once they had lived together for a while though Harley began to become the dominant one in the household. Harley makes it her mission to steal any attention that Bane is getting from either my husband or me even if the other one is right there and able to pay attention to her. They really are best friends though and Harley is very protective of Bane and will stand up for him at the dog park. Bane came from a farm up north where they train service dogs and failed out of the class due to his tendency to get distracted by tennis balls so he is just the sweetest dog you could meet.


Do they have any favorite activities – either when they go somewhere with you or when they are at home?

They love going to the dog park in Balboa because afterwards we go to a local restaurant that brings them each a couple strips of bacon. Bane loves to do anything active and even if he were to walk for 5 or 6 miles he would be ready to walk another 5 if we grabbed his leash. Harley likes to lay on the couch and watch TV while we pet her.


Anything else you want to include.

Having two shepherds is a lot of fun but a lot of work. They have a lot of energy and always keep my husband and me on our toes.