Dogs of Del Mar: Del Mar Doggers Day

More than 13 years since leaving the corporate world of radio in the wind, I’ve been blessed to spend my days with the most incredible dog pals and cat friends on the planet – our clients’ LOVE PUFFS. Most days I get to spend with the same weekly group of friends, roaming the beautiful cliffs, beaches, parks of Del Mar and Carmel Valley.


My team of six amazing pet loving humans get to share time, dog walking in nature around Del Mar, the gorgeous city we call home. Our service area includes Del Mar and communities within five miles including Solana Beach, Carmel Valley and Torrey Hills.

Our team pet sits, stays overnight in client’s homes, and does drop-ins on their furry friends while our clients are working hard to bring home their pets’ bacon bits, catnip, and bones. Or recharging their own batteries while traveling.


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Left: Del Mar Pals – Ivy, Ellie, Zohan & Kohan (front going clockwise) 

Center: Stevie & Yoko – Del Mar Canyon

Right: Zohan & Cami taking in the Del Mar Cliffs


All photos by Kelly Berger, owner of Del Mar Doggers