Fairgrounds Housing Scenarios?

As the City continues to work on a program to place affordable housing at the Fairgrounds, several “scenarios” are being studied that are located on a southeastern site near the Fire Station on Jimmy Durante Blvd. The status of the negotiations between the City and the 22nd DAA for housing at the Fairgrounds is unclear.


Previously, scenarios in a different part of the Fairgrounds, a northeast location near Via de la Valle and Jimmy Durante Blvd, have been presented as part of the 6th Cycle Housing Element’s program, 3A, to place at least 54 lower income housing units at the Fairgrounds, which is state-owned property.


Scenario 1B is described as “senior housing” and includes at least 62-128 lower income units, with a height of 3-5 stories.


Scenario 2 includes redevelopment of the existing Del Mar Fire Station, plus “at least 61 lower income units” (family or senior), with height similar to Scenarios 1A and 1B.

The top image shows the location of the southeast scenarios; the bottom image shows Scenario 2 from the northeast. Both images are from the City’s Supplemental Analysis, available here: https://bit.ly/fairgrounds-southeast