40 Trees to Celebrate 40 Years!

Last year, DMF launched a plan to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a program to plant 40 trees in Del Mar.


After collaborating with the City and its Parks and Recreation Committee to identify sites, we’re delighted to announce that locations for the first 14 trees have been approved by the City, and planting has begun, fully funded by DMF. Trees with protected status in Del Mar comprise the majority: 10 Torrey Pines, and two Monterey Cypress.

As the sign displayed last July in Jim Coleman’s window notes, the second-best time to plant trees is now! Between now and next fall (when best season for planting trees returns), we’ll be working with the community, including the Parks & Rec and Sustainability Committees, Adopt-a-Spot volunteers, and interested individuals, to identify locations for the next group of trees. And we’ll publish a “40 Trees Map” so you can follow the progress of this project, and check out the new trees.

Art – Coming Soon to the Civic Center?

We are hard at work with the City’s Arts Advisory Committee on a project to bring a significant sculpture to the Del Mar Civic Center. The April 3 City Council agenda should have details, and we’ll be sharing lots of details and opportunities for community engagement as this project proceeds. So if you’re not already on DMF’s email list, now is a good time to join! bit.ly/DMF-signup