Dogs of Del Mar: Brinkley

Sandpiper: What have you learned about your family? (Betsy & Bradd Milove – Kalamath Drive)


Brinkley: When I first came to my new house, I thought every family member was using my name which starts with the letter “B” but soon I realized they were talking to one another. Because one day I heard my mom, Betsy, tell someone that all of her family member names start with a B. That made me feel really good because they named me with a B so I felt like they loved me enough to be made a member of the family. That is really cool!



Sandpiper: What do you like about Del Mar?


Brinkley: Oh boy, lots of things. dog park, dog beach, and a dog store with lots of toys and good food!



Sandpiper: What is your favorite activity?


Brinkley: My mom takes me out walking every day. I especially love going to dog park to meet other friendly dogs. And I love to walk around town because I meet so many people who like to rub my head, my back, and my chest. It seems like a very friendly town for dogs. But I do worry that some cars seem to be going a little too fast.

Photo by Betsy Milove.