Dogs of Del Mar: Lexie Likes

H: How did you choose her name?

L&D: Before Lexie, we had two Wheaten Terriers, Casey and Lacey. While we were waiting for Lexie’s arrival, we were thinking of names like Macey, Gracie and then David came up with Sally Boom Boom. Linda vetoed that name very quickly, amd we finally agreed on Lexie.


H: Does Lexie prefer Boulder or Del Mar and what were her favorite activities to do in Colorado?

L&D: Lexie likes being in both places. She is a therapy dog, and she has worked at nursing homes, the Boulder Library, and at schools in Boulder, Colorado. Lexie loves the snow and enjoys rolling in it and getting snow all over her face. Then she shakes her whole body off and rolls in it again. Lexie also likes to hike off leash on the mountain trails in Colorado.


Lexie is also Linda’s trained service dog. She has flown to NY and to California and to Colorado with Linda. No one knows she is on the flight because she is so well behaved.


H: What does she like to do in California?

L&D: Lexie also loves being in California. She has also worked at Linda Vista Elementary School when we lived in La Jolla over the winter. Children read to her, and she enjoyed their attention. Unfortunately, when Covid arrived, our time at the school ended.


Lexie loves to roll in the grass, and she loves the beach. She is always excited to go on walks and adores having treats. She is very smart and understands everything and she is very clear about communicating what she wants! She talks to us often!

A treat for me? Photo by Hylton Lonstein.