Commentary: Hershell Price Rewrites

On January 24, 2023 the Union-Tribune staff writer Luke Harold published a column in the Del Mar Times about the abrupt departure from the SANDAG regional board meeting on January 13th by Del Mar’s representative to this important regional body:


Four days later Hershell Price, via his Del Mar emailing list (, sent out a “copy” of Harold’s article which Price had altered to start out with a critical commentary of Del Mar Councilmember Dwight Worden.


I have checked with Harold and verified that Price altered the published column and did not acknowledge that action. One can only infer that Price wished to attribute his biases to Harold’s balanced reporting, an action that clearly misleads Del Mar’s voters.


Price repeated this misleading and unprincipled behavior on February 23 with another of Harold’s articles:


Whatever response the editors and publisher of the Del Mar Times find appropriate to address this unethical behavior is of course their decision.


This kind of activity should be recognized by all Del Mar voters who happen upon Price’s emails. They probably would do well to ask, “what else has Price done like this in his many other emailings?”