Dogs of Del Mar: Teddy Kennedy

How did you choose your dog’s name?

Cyndy and I tried lots of names, but “Teddy” was perhaps inevitable; his father’s name was “Bear,” so “Teddy Bear” made sense. My previous Golden Retriever was “Jack” Kennedy, so “Teddy Kennedy” seemed even more right.


What is Teddy’s favorite thing to do in Del Mar?

Teddy barks for joy at the park. He loves: getting people to rub his belly, greeting babies in their carriages, and (for medical reasons), the completely forbidden odd snack, if he can manage it.


Tell us a fun story about your dog.

During an off-leash morning at the park, Dan Smiley walked past with a delicious warm scone. Teddy unexpectedly launched himself in front of Dan, and while flying by, Teddy swiveled his head and removed the scone without touching Dan’s fingers. One second Dan was holding a warm scone, and in the next his fingers held nothing. Fortunately, Dan found it all very amusing.

Photo by Jim Kennedy (Teddy's person)