Steve Quirk’s Campaign Massively Funded by Quirk Himself, with Minimal Support from Del Mar Voters

Yesterday’s filings by Council candidates revealed startling information about the money behind the three campaigns for City Council. Steve Quirk’s filing revealed that he has injected massive amounts of cash into his own campaign, with minimal support from Del Mar voters.


By contrast, Dwight Worden and Terry Gaasterland posted strong results, with contributions coming mostly from Del Mar residents.


After Steve Quirk reported a paltry $3,550 in contributions in the first reporting period that ended on Sept. 24, it was a mystery how he was paying for the many glossy, oversized mailers he has been sending out, mounting a direct attack against Mayor Worden.


The truth is out. Yesterday’s filing by the Quirk campaign revealed that he is supporting his own campaign on a massive scale, plowing $15,000 into his effort while receiving a meager total of $5,325 from third parties – many of whom are not Del Mar voters.


By contrast, Dwight Worden has raised $16,675 from 95 individuals, with no self-funding. Terry Gaasterland has raised $14,700 from 96 individuals, also with no self-funding. In both cases, most of the money is from Del Mar voters.


Commentary: Can a Council Seat Be Bought?

Can a barrage of expensive glossy mailers persuade voters to elect someone with a notable lack of civic engagement during his 19+ years in Del Mar? No advisory committee service, no volunteer service for any of Del Mar’s many nonprofits, and apparently no speaker slips or red dots at Council meetings when issues he purports to champion have been considered — and not even a single vote in any of the Primary Elections during his time in Del Mar. The voters hold the answer to that question.


Why is Steve Quirk investing $15,000 of his own money to join his twin brother on the City Council? What is Steve Quirk’s motivation for this heavily self-funded and highly negative campaign? The voters deserve to know the answer to that question.


Will $15,000 buy the Quirk twins 40% control of the City Council? The voters hold the answer to that question.