Steve Quirk Should Withdraw: Facts Don’t Matter to Him

A recent email from Steve Quirk alleges a conflict of interest in the endorsement of Dwight Worden for Del Mar City Council by the Sandpiper because he is “married” to Betty Wheeler, one of seven Sandpiper Editors, and because they provide financial support to the Sandpiper. He goes on to make the false claim that “nowhere has Worden disclosed this relationship.” In fact, Worden’s official biography on the City of Del Mar’s website states that “Dwight shares his life with long time partner Betty Wheeler…”


I am Managing Editor of the Sandpiper, and all the editors and contributors take their role seriously. Betty Wheeler was recused from any endorsement of Dwight, since we recognize she might have some bias (hopefully in favor of Dwight), because they are registered domestic partners. Their relationship is public knowledge, and it is presented on Dwight’s personal profile on the city website. Steve should check his facts before sending out slanderous missives.


The Sandpiper, unlike another local publication named after a bird, lists all editors and major contributors in every issue. The idea that one contribution would influence our editorial policy is ludicrous.


This latest travesty underscores how far Steve Quirk has forsaken the pledge he took when he became a candidate for City Council. When he filed his campaign papers, Quirk signed the City’s Supplemental Code of Fair Campaign Practices which states in part: “Therefore, I further pledge: a. To take personal responsibility to review and to fact-check all campaign materials released by myself or my committee…. e. Not to knowingly make any false claims and, if I discover an inadvertent false claim, to publicly acknowledge the falsehood and correct the record as soon as I discover it.”


Attacking Betty Wheeler and the Sandpiper strikes a new low in Del Mar politics, and it is not the civil discussion of policy issues that the Del Mar City election code calls for.


Steve’s email also repeats the fantasy that the old City Hall was fine and that the new Civic Center was a waste of money. I served on City Council from 2008 to 2016, and I am proud of getting a decent workplace for our city employees to replace the unsafe, decrepit old school with falling asbestos ceiling tiles and outdoor bathrooms. The project was completed on time and on budget, and it should be the pride of our community.


Steve Quirk is unworthy to hold the office of City Councilperson in Del Mar, and he deserves to be roundly defeated by the voters.