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Did you know that 42 million years ago a saber-toothed cat roamed west of the Rocky Mountains, and its fossils were found in the San Diego region? Are you aware of all the Torrey Pines Conservancy does to preserve natural habitat and increase enjoyment of the Torrey Pines Reserve?


The next season of DMFTalks, which draws speakers from locally-based creative, intellectual and scientific leaders, begins this month with the locally discovered Diegoaelurus cat fossil and the Torrey Pines Conservancy as the first two scheduled Talks.


On October 13, Ashley Poust, Ph.D., of the San Diego Natural History Museum (the Nat), will present “Hello Kitty!” during which he’ll share insight into his recent study of the 42-million year old Diegoaelurus fossil, the San Diego Cat, unearthed in Oceanside and since housed at the Nat. Dr. Poust’s work includes studying vertebrates and evolutionary biology – examining ancient life through anatomy, bone and egg microstructure, and biogeography. His work has been featured in Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine, Newsweek, National Public Radio, and more.


On November 17, Rick Gulley, President of the Torrey Pines Conservancy will discuss the various efforts of the 72-year old organization to encourage public interest in, and support for, the preservation of the rare Torrey pine trees and their scenic refuge; and to increase enjoyment and stewardship of the Torrey Pines Reserve.


These first two Talks are sure to kick off yet another fantastic DMFTalks season. The Talks are free and open to the public, but do require registration ahead of time. Visit our website – – for more information and to register for these and future DMFTalks.

A 2021 DMFTalk featuring Paul Baribault of the San Diego Wildlife Alliance. Photo courtesy of the Del Mar Foundation.