In Brief

Winston Challenges

On August 19, a Superior Court judge denied the City’s motion to dismiss six claims in Winston’s lawsuit against the City, which disputes that Winston’s lease for the Shores Park property currently used by Winston has been legally terminated. This means that the Court found that an actual controversy exists between the City and Winston that properly can be resolved by a trial. A trial date is set in the case for March 3, 2023. More than a year ago, the City terminated the lease, resulting in a July 2023 date when Winston must vacate the property, unless the termination is successfully challenged in court. Meanwhile, on August 26, Winston announced the departure of its Head of School, Dena Harris.


941 Go-Ahead

A development agreement for the mixed-use project at the corner of 10th and CDM was approved unanimously by the Del Mar Council on August 10. This 40,000 square foot project at the site of the old gas station was voter-approved by 80% several years ago. It calls for eight housing units, including two affordable units, along with commercial uses of 4,000 square feet. Construction can begin in several months after a final building permit is issued.