Del Mar Foundation







“A person is a person through other people.” 

-Desmond Tutu


Desmond Tutu’s insight is at the heart of the Foundation’s purpose – our mission statement’s first goal is “to promote civic pride and cohesiveness.” Our founders knew well that community is the key: it is how we maintain our tiny city’s distinctive identity without being swallowed whole by our giant neighbor, San Diego. Community helps us thrive as individuals and families. And it helps us truly see others, and to truly be seen by others. 


Many Del Marians have had an outsized impact on our world AND our community. Two inspiring examples: Dave Keeling chaired the citizens’ group that developed our Community Plan at the same time he was amassing what has been internationally recognized as the single most important environmental data set taken in the 20th century, the Keeling Curve. Jacqueline Winterer, a world-recognized pioneer in seafloor mapping, also devoted years of persistent advocacy to restore and protect our treasured San Dieguito Lagoon. 


Whatever our roles may be in our careers or work, we all have the opportunity to join together to sustain our community: to ensure that Del Mar is not a random collection of people who happen to live here, but a true community bound by common interests, compassion, and service to the greater good.


Join your neighbors and friends at Powerhouse Park on Sunday, Sept. 25 (1-4pm) for DMF’s Community Picnic. Lawn games, kids’ activities, music, a Viewpoint beer garden, and more, will add to the fun. And DMF and a host of other nonprofits and groups will be there, offering myriad ways you can join in the work to create and sustain our community.