Fighting Fencing

The California Coastal Commission filed a lawsuit against NCTD and Exbon Development, Inc. in Superior Court on April 19, asserting that NCTD improperly awarded a contract to Exbon to install fencing on the Del Mar upper bluffs without complying with California law, including the California Environmental Quality Act and the Coastal Act. This follows a lawsuit filed in late March by Friends of Del Mar Bluffs and Laura DeMarco challenging the fencing plan; NCTD removed that lawsuit to Federal Court on April 12. Both suits ask for a preliminary and permanent injunction to prevent NCTD from proceeding with its fencing plan, though as of press time, a court hearing has not been scheduled to consider an injunction in either of these cases.  Anders Aannestad, attorney for Friends and DeMarco, stated, in response to NCTD’s removal of their case to federal court, “We will address the proper forum for this litigation in court at the appropriate time.” The Sandpiper will post a News Update online if significant developments occur.

Electrifying Miscalculation

At the April 18th City Council meeting, Council Member Terry Gaasterland showed a slide during the discussion of a potential building electrification ordinance. Her slide showed the cost of an electric water heater was $1300 per year versus $300 per year for a gas hot water heater. 


Here are the annual cost figures for average use (64 gallons/day) from the US Department of Energy website (Electric-vs-Gas): gas = $349, conventional electric = $920, heat pump/electric hybrid = $110.


In her comments, Gaasterland referenced her own home with 11 solar panels. Electricity from the solar panels would reduce the cost of powering the electric or heat pump models by at least 50%. Solar panels are required on all new construction, and heat pump water heaters are highly recommended, so the annual cost of heating water with these options would be $55. So the $1300 estimate was only 24X too high.