Down the Drain

Don’t let the morning dew or drizzle deceive you. The stark fact is that we in Southern California live in continuing drought conditions. The sources we depend on are dwindling along with the water level at Lake Powell. Scientist Dr. Andrew Schwartz from the University of California, Berkeley’s Central Sierra Snow Lab reports: “California’s snowpack is now at 39 percent of its average, or 23 percent lower than at the same point last year. This signals a deepening of the drought — already the worst in the western United States in 1,200 years…”


What to do? Follow Public Works Director Joe Bride’s request: “The City is calling for voluntary reductions in water use.” It is up to us. Our residential water is “potable” or high quality drinking water, unless you have put in purple plumbing pipes for recycled water. Whatever water you are using, don’t waste it. Less is not more and less is all we have.


We know some of the important changes we can make in our indoor daily living. Now for the outdoors where 50% of water usage goes. In lieu of hoping for an imaginary miraculous rainmaker, reconsider how to conserve water so it is not squandered through runoff, evaporation or gone with the winds. In addition to choosing drought resistant plants, schedule watering for the morning before 10 AM or in the evening after 6:00 PM. A weather based irrigation controller will prevent unnecessary watering during or after a rain. Skip a day or two or more of watering each week. Keep your hardscapes spotless with a broom not a hose. 


Del Mar residents are eligible for a free WaterSmart Checkup for indoor and outdoor areas. To schedule: call 866-883-1332. For more information: