Barnouw Boost

The Del Mar Community Alliance is grateful to the 57 donor families who responded this Fall to our 2021 Campaign for The Sandpiper.  Jeff Barnouw, long-time Del Mar citizen, member of the Sandpiper’s Editorial Board, and generous community supporter, challenged Del Marians to make contributions to DMCA in support of the Sandpiper, this year celebrating its 25th year in service to our city.  Funds will be used to support printing and free distribution of the all-volunteer community journal, as well as to expand our reach through social media.  Jeff pledged $10,000 if the community would match or exceed that amount – and they did!  By December 31, we raised $31,810.  Of those 57 donors, 37% (21 families) were brand-new contributors, 100% of the DMCA Board donated above and beyond their prior 2021 gifts, and 10 other families (previous donors) renewed their support.  


When it is safe to do so, we will have a special event at a beautiful Del Mar home, for all those who contribute to DMCA and The Sandpiper.  We want to celebrate together and have a chance to say “thank you” in person!  In the meantime, please accept our deepest gratitude.  


         ~ Ellie Haviland, DMCA Board Chair


Henry Abarbanel & Beth Levine
Buck & Penny Abell
Catherine Atcheson
Jeff Barnouw
Phil & Catherine Blair
Robert & Patricia Bone
Ritamarie & Geoffrey Braswell
Nelson Byrne
Brett & Linda Castile
Frank & Linda Chisari
Wayne & Liz Dernetz
Bram & Sandy Dijkstra
Bud & Mary Ann Emerson
John & Anne Farrell
Harold Feder and Gloria Sandvik
Kevin & Nicole Forrest
Charles Freebern
Jeff & Mary Friestedt
Eduardo Frischwasser
Nick & Francine Frost
John & Gale Graybill
Don & Kathy Grimm
Charlotte Gumbrell & Pamela Schott
Tim & Ellen Haviland
Lee Haydu & Bill Sims
John & Barbara Healy
William & Nicole Holliday
Joel Holliday & Rosanne Rennie Holliday
George & Maryka Hoover

Richard Jamison & Dolores Davies Jamison
Reza Kasnavi & Fiona Kaper
Mel & Linda Katz
Charles Khoury
K. Alan & Jennifer Lonbom
Harry Magoulias & Ariadne Magoulias
Brian & Margaret Maple
Stan Marks & Suzi Resnik
Carol Mason
Tom & Claire McGreal
Ed & Phyllis Mirsky
Don Mosier & Ann Feeney
Judith Oatman
Art Olson & Shirley King
Sherryl Parks
Philip & Karen Posner
Ron & Arlene Prater
Steven Reich
Sudeepto Roy & Valérie Dufort-Roy
Mike Salt & Nancy Fisher
Marc & Judy Schuckit
Ira & Rose Ann Sharp
Tom & Katherine Sohn
Joe Sullivan & Alice Sullivan
Ulla & Alan Sweedler
Palmer Taylor & Susan Taylor
Glenn Warren & Randee Warren
Dwight Worden & Betty Wheeler