Agenda 22

As I begin my second term of service as Del Mar Mayor I reflect on some of my goals for the coming year. Some are essential, some are modest, and some are ambitious. 


  • Civility. I am determined to set a tone of respect and civility where we can disagree without being disagreeable and where everyone is welcome and heard with respect.
  • Responsibility. I am committed to a balanced budget and to working within our means. This means making tough choices, acknowledging we can’t do everything, but doing what we can well.
  • Public Health and Safety. I support our outstanding lifeguard, fire, ambulance, public works, and sheriff services who work in the field for all of us every day. And, I am committed to doing what we can to keep our community safe during Covid.

Other Goals.

  • Climate & Environment. Addressing climate change is the challenge of a generation, and a high priority for me as mayor. In the past, Del Mar has been a leader, punching way above our weight on environmental issues. Lately, sadly, that hasn’t been the case, but it should be. Other key environmental goals include sea level rise adaptation, clean energy, lagoon protection, building electrification, and more.
  • Housing. Implementing our new Housing Element, especially plans for 54 affordable units at the fairgrounds, will require much work, lots of dollars, and sustained commitment. I’m all in.
  • Rail. Relocating the rail line to an inland tunnel is a priority, as is minimizing damage to the beach and bluff until relocation. Del Mar community input on these issues is a priority. While there is finally support for rail relocation at SANDAG, NCTD, and the regional, state, and federal level, Del Mar will host the tunnel and our input is critical. I pledge to do what I can to assure your voices are heard, and the relocation happens on schedule.
  • Taking care of basics. Paving streets, fixing potholes, maintaining landscaping and parks, providing great sewer, trash, and water service are important goals.
  • Undergrounding. Undergrounding our citywide electrical service is beginning, and will play out over many years. I am committed to doing this equitably and prudently, with determination and persistence for the long haul this project will take, and with assistance to residents and neighborhoods along the way.
  • Community Engagement. I am excited about restarting our advisory committees. These are important vehicles for citizens to engage their city government. I will continue my monthly “drop in” office hours, and will do my best to respond to every email or phone call. My email is: and my phone is 619.977.4700. We have great talent in the community and I will do my best to benefit from its engagement.
Mayor Worden and Gina McCarthy - White House National Climate Advisor